New tollbooth at Orcas ferry terminal

— from Laurel Rust, Orcas Landing —

ferry landing redux

As many of you have noticed, there is a new ticket booth in the upper lot at the Orcas Ferry Terminal, awaiting completion. If things move according to plan, sometime on Tuesday, October 13, the new booth may be in operation,the old booth vacated (and at some point taken away. )

This means that customers turning off the county road to head for the ferry will need to form one single line of traffic approaching the new booth, which is on the opposite side of the access lanes from the diagonal parking, set in against the hillside, and involves a fairly sharp left turn from the county road.

Hopefully customers will understand that though the “access lanes” are three lanes wide, traffic has to funnel through one lane to the new booth. Ferry customers will no longer be able to access the ferry lot by driving up the hill by the Orcas Hotel.

by way of Orcas Matters

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