Ten Ways to Enjoy A Relaxing Getaway on Orcas

1 - Wander the beaches searching for beach glass or an interesting piece of driftwood. Obstruction Pass State Park is home to the largest beach on Orcas, where the beach is a crescent shape and the sand is made of smooth, marble-sized pebbles in a rainbow of colors.

2 - Browse the shelves at Darvill’s Bookstore in Eastsound. Last time we were in, we enjoyed reading up on chicken keeping, found some precious children's books, and admired Orcas inspired artwork! While you are exploring the shelves, select a book as amomento of your trip.

3 - Take a stroll around a lake or visit a waterfall in Moran State Park. Some favorite trails include Mountain Lake Loop and Cascade Falls Trail. Mountain Lake Loop is an easy stroll that takes you through a variety of terrain, including thick wetlands, rocky hills, and even tree-lined marshlands. Cascade Falls Trail is a short hike that provides multiple views of upper and lower falls.

4 - Drive to the top of Mount Constitution and enjoy the spectacular vistas! Mount Constitution is a whopping 2409 ft and is the highest point in all the islands. Can you say 360° view???

5 - Get your stretch on in a yoga class! Orcas Mandala and Alexander Studio are both located in Eastsound and offer classes where walk-ins are welcome.

6 - Book a massage for the ultimate relaxation! We have a handful of wonderful massage options on the island from which to choose.

7 - Visit Orcas Island Artworks, a co-op that showcases local art and crafts from 45 artists. Visiting here, you will see pottery, sculpture, glass, wood, painting, prints, wearable art, and more. The gallery is artist owned, so there's a great chance you'll be able to chat with a creative or two while there.

8 - Indulge in baked goods or espresso treats, then meander through Eastsound! Brown Bear Baking is right down the street from The Landmark and is a great first (or middle or last!) stop on your Eastsound exploration. Our only request is that you bring us back a treat!

9 - Chocolate. Need I say more? Kathryn Taylor Chocolates creates artisan chocolates from local and organic ingredients that will tempt your taste buds to try every variety in the display case! Yum yum!

10 - Savor a good book, sleep in, or relax on the porch admiring the bountiful views from your unit at the Landmark!

But no matter what activities you choose, make sure to put your worries to the backburner, turn your phone on silent, and set your watch to island time!

We are excited to see you on Orcas soon! Ready to book a room? Click here!